First things first!!

I meet so many people and most of them, even today, don´t understand the importance of presenting them right.

Of course, you have Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and best-case scenario LinkedIn or Xing to present yourself. I use the first three to find out how a potential colleague of mine is in real life and suggest to be very careful what you post on them as the world can see it. The other two are important platforms for you to present yourself and be seen. I received several job offers through them and also found great colleagues.

A website, simple and done right makes such a big difference. I have to say I never met a young professional who gave me a business card or shared the link of his website with me so I can see him in the best of light. It costs little and only needs to be maintained to constantly reflect the status quo of once Career.

So, don´t hesitate any longer and give it a try. Contact me and in a week or two you are the proud owner of an amazing presentation you can be pleased to share

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