Moving between continents

Well if you want to explore the world as I did it is most important to plan your journey and this means not only the first step. I made the big mistake and thought if I work in Australia (based on the fact how the HR structure of Hyatt is build), I have a great chance to work in Asia. No chance; You might ask why?

They will employ you only for one reason: You need to aid or benefit the operation. Now if you worked like me only in Bermuda and Europe, before you moved out, you will not understand how you can run your operation as you are only used to work with well trained colleagues and there you have for sure great colleagues but out of their heritage they don´t have the productivity we have in the western world and you will have 2 to 3 times the amount of colleagues for the same size of operation.

The best next step would always be the Middle east. The reasons for that are the following. Firstly you aid to their operation because you are European trained and of course you speak English and one more European language.  In the UAE German is well liked. In Lebanon it might be French. Secondly and this is mostly for you, you learn how to work with loads of colleagues from countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. We had 56 different nationalities working for us. So if you plan to step away from Europe the Middle East is the best way to go.

So long travelers.

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